3 Ways to Deal with College Stresses


Lately, I have been feeling a little bit under the weather and extremely unmotivated. Since Christmas Eve, I have been to the emergency room twice, went to multiple doctors visits, and had strep, mono, and the flu. I am so sick of being sick that I have really been trying to stay on the mend and stay away from germs! Anyways, I missed a full week of school and in college that is a total no go. I got back right in time for mid-terms and basically lived in the library for a week. College is a totally different world and I have had a lot of struggles trying to transition and establish a solid routine like I had in highschool. Lately, I have been working really hard due to the fact that my first semester didn’t really go how I wanted it to and I have also been working on resting more when I feel tired so my immune system doesn’t crash again! So, here are some things I like to do to manage my everyday stresses:

1.) SLEEP. Sleep as much as you possibly can in college. It is so important for your immune system and well-being. Whenever I go back to my dorm room and I know I have a few hours to spare I get right in my bed and go to sleep.

2.) Make time for treating yourself. I know my day can get pretty hectic with going to all of my classes, making sure that I am studying enough, making sure that I am eating enough, going to sorority events and meetings, having a social life, and keeping my room organized and clutter-free. Even taking a few minutes to get/make a coffee for yourself can boost your mood or going back to your room and turning on your favorite show if you have time in between classes. It really helps and lets you get that rare “me time”.

3.) When you get into college, you are new to all of these new opportunities and activities  that you think you can manage a million things at once. Well, maybe if you’re superwomen or Kris Jenner. But, realistically you need all of the rest you can get and my biggest piece of advice is to wipe as many things off your plate as you possibly can. This was my biggest struggle in my second semester because I thought I could hold a job, hold a position in my sorority, be in a sorority, take 18 credit hours, and have a social life all at the same time. So, I quit my job so that allowed me more time for my homework and other important things regarding my future.

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