How To Balance Everything in College

My life the past three weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I started college at Adrian College and I am majoring in fashion merchandising and business. I have had no time for anything because I am also balancing a job on top of school. I worked 34.5 hours at my job last week and had class everyday on top of that. This upcoming weekend I will be going through the recruitment process of rushing into a sorority and on top of that hopefully joining the dance team. I wouldn’t want my life any other way because it makes me feel so good about myself when I stay busy. Even though I have only been in college for a short amount of time I have had to learn quickly how to manage everything going on in my life. The next few tips of organization and balancing every in between work for me and hopefully can help you too! xoxo

1.) PLANNING. Use a planner!!! I use my planner for literally everything from my personal life, school, work, and bills.  I love to make it colorful and everything color coded because it makes me excited to do the things I’m planning for. The planner I use is Lilly Pulitzer . This isn’t the exact one that I have because my planner was a 2016-2017 print but it is the most similar. I usually spend an hour a week planning for all of my events and classes.

2.) SLEEP. Make sure you can get enough sleep as possible but it sure does catch up to you. I am fighting getting sick right now and trust me there is no time to be sick in college. Even if you have an extra few hours in between a class take a nap or just relax.

3.) Third, don’t forget that you need to have a social life!!! Get involved in anything you can on campus because you never know who you might meet. I love to socialize so I never have a hard time getting out on the weekends with my friends. It is so much fun and it creates so many memories.

xoxo, Cassie


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