My Favorite Summer Must-Haves!

It is summertime!!! That means sunshine, lake days, and cookouts! Living in Michigan means lots of lake days and days outside since we only have a few short months to enjoy them before we get buried in snow! The following pieces and looks are definitely must-haves for this hot summer we are having! enjoy!

1. You need bikinis!!! DUH! You can not just have one…you need like 30! My favorite is here, here, and here. Zaful has super affordable swimwear and a wide selection! I wear around a size medium and unfortunately you can not order different size tops and bottoms but they are super good quality and are guaranteed to last a long time!

2. An accessory that is a must-have for summer is SUNGLASSES! I love a good pair of sunglasses but I choose not to spend too much money on them because they can be easily stolen, dropped, or they can accidentally fall off your head into the ocean (I know from experience unfortunately). I usually shop for my sunglasses at Charming Charlie and my three favorite glasses are here, here, and here!

3. Lastly, this is for working ladies! SELF TANNER. For some of us we don’t get to utilize some of the sunshine outside due to work or other activities that keep you indoors so self tanner is a must! The self tanner that I am raving about right now is St. Moriz Self Tanning Mist and it works wonders! You must apply with a self tanning mitt which can be found here for a streak-free look! I use it in the medium shade and usually spray onto the mitt before applying to my body. Also, I purchase this at Ulta!


xoxo, Cassie

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